The Emergence Of Distruptive Innovation Has Changed Retailing

And It Will Not Stop Changing

The pandemic has done more than accelerated change; it has further exposed weaknesses and opened the door to far more disruptive innovation.

Everyone is chasing the future but not with enough clarity. Our research shows that convenience, fast service, and value are the prevalent drivers of consumer change.

Consumers are also on a path of their own rebirth, driven by technology, the need for more leisure time and work from home are issues that will be very difficult to walk back from.

We are dedicated to developing long term life cycles for all consumer facing businesses. From traditional retail, restaurant and hospitality, healthcare, and other service-based businesses.

George Minakakis is a former CEO and Country Manager for Luxottica Retail. He serves as the Chair for a Utility and has advised founders and private equity on their portfolio investments.