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Part 4 the Automorphosis of Retailing and Other Industries

You will not likely find the word "automorphosis" in the dictionary because it is a made-up term. Like "automorphisized," it is a novel construction of a phrase intended to convey the idea of self-transformation or self-changing processes. "automorphosis" in a creative or specialized context can be used to describe a process where something transforms by itself; the term could certainly be meaningful and effective in conveying that idea—enough of my venturing into etymology. Now you at least know how it is being used.

Retailing has likely already entered an era where most changes will become self-changing while not without human hands. The speed of change will make it almost impossible not to operate a continuously evolving and changing business to keep up with its competitors. This will more likely be a future where retailing is leading with AI first and the machine predicting and directing the organization of its business needs. Now, it may sound impossible but think of this for a moment.

If the AI machine (let's call it that for now) told you that it has analyzed security systems and that there is a weakness in the security of your data, would you ignore it? Or would you invest in what it needs to ensure no gaps or risks? First, you would have to validate the risk; then, if it is accurate, you would have to address the issue.

This scenario is emblematic of 'automorphosis' in action within your business. It demonstrates how organizations today must evolve and adapt, driven by internal analyses and automated systems, to stay secure and competitive in a technology-driven world."

We describe how businesses must autonomously and continually adapt to new information and threats, like an organism adapting to its environment, driven by internal mechanisms (in this case, AI analysis).

AI will drive automorphosis in business, and humans must ensure that the needed changes are being addressed swiftly. In essence, the machine is telling us that it cannot continue confidently delivering your desired performance without all the essential operating systems being aligned. Above all, be prepared that change will not be a one-time change. Keeping up with your competitors' and customers' needs will be continuous.

We can defy change and risk everything or embrace change and challenge everything. It's a choice.

My name is George Minakakis, and I am the CEO of Inception Retail Group. I am a globally trained and experienced senior executive from retail and food service to healthcare who has lived and worked in Canada, the US, and China leading retail brands. Author of three books soon to be five a thought leader and keynote speaker. You can reach me here at 

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